Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Are Google And Pornhub Really Pushing For Net Neutrality? - Net Neutrality: Another Liberal Elitist SCAM! - Net Neutrality Nixed: Why John Oliver is Wrong - GOOGLE PAID PROFESSORS TO PUBLISH PAPERS ATTACKING ANTI-TRUST CHARGES - Google joins Soros in funding “Net Neutrality” censorship rules

Progressives are freaking out now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is beginning the repeal of Net Neutrality regulations, which give the government the right to regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Google joins Soros in funding “Net Neutrality” censorship rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Wall Street Journal stepped up pressure on Google Wednesday morning by publishing a report documenting that, over the last decade, Google has paid academics between $5,000 to $400,000 for research supporting the company’s market dominance position, seeking to have academics publish research useful to Google in deflecting antitrust accusations by the Federal Trade Commission.
The Wall Street Journal article explained Google kept a “wish-list” of academic papers that included working titles, abstracts, and budgets for each proposed academic paper the company wanted published, as Google searched for willing authors, some of whom shared their research drafts with Google prior to publication, others of whom failed to disclose in print the payment received from Google for conducting and publishing the research.
“The funding of favorable campus research to support Google’s Washington, D.C.-based lobbying operation is part of a behind-the-scenes push in Silicon Valley to influence decision makers,” WSJ reporters Brody Mullins and Jack Nicas noted.
“The operation is an example of how lobbying has escaped the confines of Washington’s regulated environment and is increasingly difficult to spot.”
Last month, regulators in the European Union slapped Google with a huge $2.7 billion fine for anti-trust activities that included Google rigging its search engine to stack the deck in favor of Google’s own comparison shopping service. has previously reported Google has joined George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Ford Foundation in funding more than $72 million since 2006, lobbying hard to retain the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules in place that allow Internet giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter to continue censoring conservative and libertarian websites including
The Wall Street Journal article on Wednesday revealed Google receives nearly $80 billion a year in ad sales drawn mostly from seven products that each attract more than a billion global users a month, including Gmail, YouTube and Google maps.
The article indicated Google’s search engine handles more than 90 percent of online searches globally.

Am I The Only Techie Against Net Neutrality?:


I Want More Competition

Proponents of Net Neutrality say the telecoms have too much power. I agree. Everyone seems to agree that monopolies are bad and competition is good, and just like you, I would like to see more competition. But if monopolies are bad, why should we trust the U.S. government, the largest, most powerful monopoly in the world? We’re talking about the same organization that spent an amount equal to Facebook’s first six years of operating costs to build a health care website that doesn't work, the same organization that can’t keep the country’s bridges from falling down, and the same organization that spends 320 times what private industry spends to send a rocket into space. Think of an industry that has major problems. Public schools? Health care? How about higher education, student loans, housing, banking, physical infrastructure, immigration, the space program, the military, the police, or the post office? What do all these industries and/or organizations have in common? They are all heavily regulated or controlled by the government. 

I Want More Privacy

Free speech cannot exist without privacy, and the U.S. government has been shown to be unworthy of guarding the privacy of its citizens. Only the latest revelation of many, Glenn Greenwald’s new book No Place To Hide reveals that the U.S. government tampers with Internet routers during the manufacturing process to aid its spying programs. Is this the organization we trust to take even more control of the Internet? 

I Want More Freedom

Many of us see the U.S. government as a benevolent and all-knowing parent with the best interests of you and me, its children, at heart. I see the U.S. government as a dangerous tyrant, influenced by large corporate interests, seeking to control everyone and everything. Perhaps these diverging perspectives on the nature of the U.S. government are what account for a majority of the debate between proponents and opponents of Net Neutrality.