Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trump Hater & Bernie Supporter James Hodgkinson Shoots Republicans at Baseball Practice (REACTION) - Dramatic Video Shows Shooting At Republican Congressional Baseball Practice

A staunch Bernie Sanders supporter and Donald Trump hater by the name of James T. Hodgkinson shot 5 people including Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Nobody has perished as of yet but Scalise is in critical condition following surgery. This happened at a baseball field where the Republicans were practicing for the annual Congressional charity game. A witness to the series of events said a man came up to him and asked if the people out there were Democrats or Republicans and soon after, gunshots were heard. None of the Congressmen were armed and the only way the shooter was subdued was due to Scalise having Capitol Police as security because he is in a leadership role in the House.

Many have called for tighter gun control including Terry McAuliffe who said that 93 million Americans die every day from gun violence on camera shortly after the incident. Not only did he say it once, he said it almost immediately afterwards. He had to be corrected by a reporter on the scene. Others have celebrated the shooting the same way fighters in the Middle East do after an attack on Europe or the U.S. Some say that Scalise deserved it because he is a racist, KKK, white supremacist, and many other unsubstantiated claims.

The media has been widely condemned for the actions of the shooter due to the constant barrage of attacks both on a news reporting level and also on a more brutal level. Some recent examples of the latter would be the now-infamous Kathy Griffin blank stare and pose while she held a bloody effigy of Donald Trump’s head … the insertion of Donald Trump into a violent Julius Caesar play at the New York Public Theater, the simulating of Trump being shot in a Snoop Dogg music video and the list goes on. These actions are nothing what Obama had to endure even if he was harshly criticized or even threatened. The media would condemn anything against Obama but they celebrate things against Trump. They are complicit in this attack.