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Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/23/17 - Gingrich: Only Way 2nd American Civil War Ends Is for One Side to Lose

Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/23/17 - Gingrich: Only... by debunkerbuster

Trump Signs the Veterans Appeals Improvement & Modernization Act Into Law - President Trump Gives Remarks to the National Convention of the American Legion


Trump Signs the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017 - Briefing by Secretary David Shulkin on H.R. 3218:

Gutfeld on health care improvements for vets - President Trump Participates in a Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Event - @realDonaldTrump - Our GREAT VETERANS can now connect w/ their VA healthcare team from anywhere, using #VAVideoConnect:

President Donald J. Trump visits VA and signs executive order ‘Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs:

YOU’RE FIRED! Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct:

Donald Trump Phoenix Rally: A Breakthrough

Donald Trump Phoenix Rally: A Breakthrough by debunkerbuster

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Guest Blog: The Reality of Socialism

The Reality of Socialism

With so much talk about socialism and the different programs it offered, it is easy to confuse the reality with wishful thinking. I was born in the USSR and am mostly familiar with the programs that existed there. There were positive sides to socialism, but it came at a cost that many people don’t want to consider.

Free education might sound appealing to many and does indeed have it’s benefits, but free didn’t mean free for everyone. Only the best of the best were accepted. If you weren’t a straight A student, you simply wouldn’t be allowed to attend the University. Trade schools  were easier to get accepted to, but how many are arguing for free electrician and plumber degrees?

The free education also had to be paid for after the graduation in a way that many in the US wouldn’t consider acceptable. In socialism every industry belongs to the government and it was the only source of employment. If you were unmarried, the government would often send you to a different town or even a different republic. This was usually a step back from where you lived before. The government needed educated people to help build small, developing towns and to fill in the gaps in villages. You could find yourself living in a small mountain town in the middle east, without conventional bathrooms and running water.

Education is not the worst thing in socialism, however. The total control of the market and the new technological developments is the biggest cause for concern. What drives the US market today is the need to get the best technology to the market. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly competing with each other to bring us the best medicine.

That is not to say that the government didn’t care about the health of the population. A healthy worker is a productive one, but how healthy was healthy enough and who is to make that decision?

The free market allows each person to make the decision on the importance of each product and service. Even with the government that truly wants to produce exactly what the people want, they don’t really have a way of knowing what it is until it gets produced. To give an example, the big five book publishing companies turned down Harry Potter, not seeing a market value in it. The market proved them wrong after a small publisher gave the book a chance. This would not be the case in a socialist country as there would be no other party to publish the book. The gatekeepers were more real than in any industry in the free market.

The absence of the free market also has implications to how each industry operates. One wrong decision and the industry fails, causing millions of deaths, as we saw happen during Holodomor.

The uncomfortable truth about Holodomor that many don’t want to admit was the real cause behind it. It’s often blamed on racism, but all the factors that contributed to the creation of the famine point back specifically to socialism. Between the changes in the agricultural system, the removal of the limited capitalism that existed under Lenin and the desire to punish the farmers for the failures of the state, millions of lives were lost to the famine in Ukraine, Caucasus and Russia.

The decision of the few can often cost the lives of millions in the country where everything depends exclusively on the state that seldom respected property rights. Although many modern-day American communists think they will simply see the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy to the poor, that isn’t what actually happens. During the communist revolution and during Holodomor, the poor found themselves stripped of their property. During the revolution it was the cattle and the fancier, decorative items that were taken away. During Holodomor it was the very food that would’ve saved lives that was stolen from the farmers.

The important thing many don’t realize is the real political structure in the countries we call communist. They aren’t communist, they are socialist countries ran by communist parties with the dream of eventually achieving true communism. Communism is impossible to achieve, it’s nothing more than a dream. The real danger is socialism that existed in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, not communist republics) and still exists in North Korea. By arguing for socialism we argue for complete and total control of our lives by the government.

About: L.A. Volya lived in 5 former soviet republics and found her true home in the US. She is a dark fantasy writer by day and a twitter fiend by night.

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Youth Unemployment Plummets to 17 Year Low

Donald Trump American Jobs Saved Tracker

This page is dedicated to tracking that number of jobs that Donald Trump has saved, helped create or brought back to America due to his business friendly policies and negotiations...


We Did It! America Created 1 Million Jobs in Trump’s First Six Months

CNBC’s Squawk Box Panel: Jobs Report Is “ Pretty Solid,” Huge Growth Of Discretionary Income Jobs - Employee Bridge President Joanie Courtney On Jobs Report: Manufacturing Number “Is Outstanding” - Fox’s Adam Shapiro Discusses New Jobs Report: Unemployment Is Tied For Lowest In 16 Years

U.S. stocks close at all time high as Federal Reserve holds rates - @realDonaldTrump - Highest Stock Market EVER, best eonomic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, S.C.: No WH chaos! - There Have Been 25 Record Stock Market Highs Since Trump’s Election

Trump Announces Foxconn to Bring Thousands of Jobs to Wisconsin


TRUMP 'MADE IN AMERICA' WEEKLY ADDRESS - President Trump Participates in a Made in America Product Showcase - Trump launching ‘Made in America' campaign - Trump Products Manufactured Internationally? - Laura Ingraham Show 7/17/17 Trump Kicks off 'Made in America' Week


Dow Hits Record Close - Trump: Stock market hits another high with spirit and enthusiasm so positive. Jobs outlook looking very good!


TRUMP NATION Black unemployment drops to lowest level since 2000!

Paying Attention To what is Real - Trump Today WOW! - President Trump Participates in an American Technology Council Roundtable

JUST IN: TRUMP SIGNS NEW EXEC ORDER THAT'S UNLIKE ANYTHING HE'S DONE BEFORE - President Donald Trump acted Thursday to demolish a bureaucratic infrastructure that he said needed to be removed to allow America’s companies to create apprenticeships that will provide jobs for millions.

REBUTTAL: 5 John Oliver Coal Fallacies - Coal Gives US Civilization, Arby’s Gives Us Gas - Coal mine celebrated by Trump opens in Pennsylvania

CNN’s Christine Romans On Jobless Rate: This Is A” 16-Year Low, The Lowest Jobless Rate Since 2001”

Aussie Business Leader to Invest $2 Billion in US Thanks to Trump: “Because of His Great Leadership” (VIDEO) - Australian business leader Anthony Pratt of Pratt Industries announced last week he would invest $2 billion to create 5,000 high paying jobs in the United States.

April Jobs Up 211,000, Unemployment 4.4% | CNBC - TRUMP EFFECT: Unemployment rate 10 year low. Illegal Immigration down by 70%

Watch Trump sign orders inside the factory - The executive orders he signed Saturday were designed to keep jobs and wealth in America.

PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNS THE BUY AMERICAN, HIRE AMERICAN EXECUTIVE ORDER! - Globalist Freak Out: New Trump EO To Favor American Workers, Businesses

Trump Adds Jobs While Dems Complain

Trump's First Full Month in Office Sees Biggest Jobs Gain 'In Years': Report

Trump's first full month brings massive employment boom - RUSH: Obama 'More Than Being IRKED' By Trump's First Month Job Numbers

You’re hired! Trump scores U.S. HUGE jobs deal


The Truth about the Jobs Obama Created

Ford to scrap Mexico plant, invest in Michigan; CEO cites Trump policies

DOJ Ends Political War on Gunshops

Proof The Media Is Lying About The Boston Free Speech Rally - The Democratic Establishment is Over-extending the Moral Panic and the Left is Destroying Itself

Hannity Reacts To Trump’s Speech On Afghanistan - Keane: Trump moving in the right direction in Afghanistan - Turner: Trump in an 'unenviable position' on Afghanistan

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Rebel Media is done. Southern & Posobiec take hush money. - The Demise Of The Rebel Media - What You Need To Know - Why Everyone's Leaving Rebel Media - Faith Goldy: fired by failing Rebel Media for talking to edgy Alt-Right podcast

[JM Talboo] Here's an idea. Stop getting information from within a bubble. Here's a challenge. Seek out a nobody who is working hard for truth and give them a donation next time around, instead of your favorite well-known successful alternative media outlet that you normally fund when you can, as to give them the ammunition to continue the good fight! I mean, only well-oiled machines deserve the financial grease because they are the only ones that stand a chance of raging against that bigger evil machine with any effectiveness, right? David Seaman and myself beg to differ.

Because guess what? Power/money is a well-known corrupting force and no one is immune just because of their noble ideology. Good people will make excuses/justifications to do the wrong thing. We need to be as decentralized as possible, supporting the real little guys out there, spreading the love/money around more for people's hard work, as opposed to building up truth media juggernauts. These monsters are our own creations, in that we build certain people up way too much and way too fast for a myriad of reasons, but never think of the danger in doing so. There are a lot of little guys out there, some seemingly cursed by the fickle hand of fate, that work their asses off like myself who are pissed that only a select few seem to get all the rewards for what they do and now look what you get...

I don't agree with all that is said in these videos below, but it is clear that anyone willing to look objectively at all of this material, will conclude that everyone ever associated with Rebel Media, except Caolan Robertson, has no integrity. They likely care about the issues that they talk about, but they all will clearly directly engage in, or at least cover-up, unethical practices for monetary gain. The irony is, that any credibility one has for not going along with deceptive practices by Rebel Media to make cash, is made null and void by taking hush money to hush up about those practices. Lauren Southern's friend (boyfriend?) Luke Rudkowski was in fact indicted on 5 counts via a Grand Jury process, carried out by the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court (CoS-CLC), for practices similar to those exposed about Rebel Media below.

If anybody wants to help me out for all the hard work/activism I do, as detailed on my huge list of blogs and my page, you can skip a donation and just buy a set of pocket US Constitutions or a set of 9/11 Inside Job stickers from me (Golotomer) on Amazon. Us little guys really appreciate shit like that and don't take it for granted! I hate Amazon by the way and am not selling much on there anymore, but spreading liberty-minded information is forgivable!

Unlike other so called "truthers" I don't hold back, this is the truth about the implosion of Rebel Media and the hush money going around. Recently Caolan Robertson released a video about how Ezra Levant pays employees leaving the Rebel hush money to ensure they won;t expose people to the scam artist operation that Rebel Media is. Taking their listeners money for "charitable causes" when they are already funded and doing whatever they wanted with the cash, including offering huge sums of money to keep their ex reporters quiet. 

See the Video Here:

So now that Rebel Media is completely toast. What does this mean for Jack Posobiec and Lauren Southern who both lied about the reasons why they left, and took the hush money and lied to their audiences for months? Lauren Southern's video about going independent has been seen by almost 500k people and it was 100% lies. Same with Jack Posobiec's announcement about going independent. Neither of them cared enough about their audience to tell them the truth, they cared more about the money. 

Lauren "goes independent", "I have been meaning to go independent for awhile, I can't get into why" - she took the hush money and signed a contract to stay silent she admits it herself in this video:

Jack Posobiec The Rebel's DC Bureau Chief, Navy Intelligence Officer, Political Operative self proclaimed:

Jack Posobiec promotes FOAK, Proud Boys Political Cults:

Jack Posobiec caught plagiarizing at the Rebel:

Well Rebel Media has absolutely 0 integrity left, and the rats are now jumping off the sinking ship as they are all leaving or getting fired for doing interviews like Faith J Goldy. Real free speech zone at Rebel Media isn't it? Fired for just doing an interview, nothing about the content, just you interviewed with Daily Stormer so you are fired. Lulz. Just watch those subs drop, good bye Rebel Media.

As for Lauren Southern and Jack Posobiec, all I want to know is... How much is the truth worth to you? How much did it cost Ezra to buy your silence about Rebel Media?

Since neither of them have any credibility left, don't expect them to tell you the truth about this either. As for the other truthers like Dan Dicks, who kissed Lauren's ass over this whole thing. Your credibility is severely lacking lately. Your ignorance on PizzaGate is astonishing for one, and your possible ties to Jeff Berwick are a conflict of interest, and lastly this latest video you did on the Rebel Media implosion where you kiss Lauren's ass is pathetic, she took the hush money, open your eyes.

Full Show Notes On Steemit:

Ezra is having a tough week.


Patreon Alternative ➜
When It Comes To Alternative Media, Posers Are Always Eventually Exposed. A video released today by a former Rebel Media employee Caolan Robertson details the corrupt nature of how Ezra Levant, owner of Rebel Media makes his money as well as how he treats his employees. In this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth breaks down the details of this bombshell expose involving money scandals and the firing of their former correspondent Lauren Southern

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Some updates; Faith Goldy was fired shortly after making this. Also, I'm not anti semitic, obviously. Just calling a Jew out for acting very Jewish. Like I've called out every other race and creed on this channel. If Ezra didn't want to be thought of as a stereotypical Jew he shouldn't run a media company and talk about his money and lawyers all the time lol

The audio of Faith's appearance on 'The Krypto Report' that finally got her kicked out of Sleazy Ezra Levant's "Rebel" Media Corporation. ● The rest of the story: ● Stefan Molyneux's post-Charlottesville interview with Goldy:


Was The Rebel's Laura Loomer's Stage Crash A Publicity Stunt? Accounting Is Needed:

Laura Loomer Claims to Have Tires Slashed, But They Appear to Have Blown Out on the Road:

Laura Loomer Crowd Sources Nose Job from WeSearchR?:

ALT-LEFT AMONG US - City in Hennepin County Flies ANTIFA Flag in Solidarity with Allies in Charlottesville - Seattle Protesters Getting Out Of Control:

Trump on Alt Left Charlotteville and The Marxist Subverted Society - Trump Denounces “Alt-Left” Antifa for Starting Violence in Charlottesville:

Charlottesville- Unite the Right Protest Recap - Alt Right, Cuckservatives, Communism vs Fascism, Unpopular Analysis - POTUS Trump Is Criticized By Media Because He Condemned Violence On Both Sides In Charlottesville - Trump's Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed - Civil War is here! #Charlottesville:

Black Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson Interviews Richard Spencer: Whites Need IDENTITY POLITICS to Survive - Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich criticize Richard Spencer:

Jared Taylor on ALT-RIGHT and JEWS; White Advocacy; Bill O'Reilly; Trump (FULL) - Mexican Man: The Alt Right has to Exist For White America in Right Wing Politics:

Anthony Brian Logan: Why I'm Against The Daily Stormer Website Being Taken Down:

Toxic Teachers Toxic Schools = Listen Up

Toxic Teachers Toxic Schools = Listen Up by debunkerbuster

As The Education System Crumbles, Can a Trump Economy Save the Day?:

Kathy Jo Wistert

JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake News, Wiretapping Scandal, Pedogate: